Real Estate Development

Cofield Properties, Inc., and its affiliate entities, has been active in developing, both for its own account and for others, commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-use developments in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states since the mid 1980s. As a result of the firm's extensive real estate development experience, it enjoys an outstanding reputation, above that of other commercial real estate companies, for its attention to planning, conservation, and historic preservation issues. This success has enabled Cofield to build an impressive record in concept design and site acquisition. Its experience in obtaining planning board, conservation board, and zoning board approvals is invaluable, as is its experience in financing, construction management, and real estate marketing.

The real estate development firm is led, even inspired, by the desire to do good work. With each project, Cofield establishes a talented development team that is creative and imaginative. At times, the challenge is to reclaim substandard properties, transforming them into exceptional properties. Along the way, Cofield's good work creates substantial value. At other times, the firm identifies well-located underutilized properties, determines the highest and best use, and creates spectacular properties. Again, along the way, Cofield's good work creates substantial value. In either case, the end product yields very attractive returns for its investors and the firm is well rewarded for its good work. From Cofield's perspective, a lasting image of an extraordinary property is a worthy goal. Simply stated, we have fun doing good work.


The following concepts help to convey our work: